Belgium is not just about waffles


Belgium is not just about waffles

Hey there, my name is Kate. I’m a PolSci student, freelance writer, travel addict and wine lover! I am super excited to be writing for So About That Closet about why Belgium is so much more than waffles!

Me on the right

When I got to Brussels in Belgium my sole mission was to find an authentic Belgian waffle. I actually timed myself, it took me about an hour to get a waffle after stepping off the train.

And that waffle was glorious, if you just go to Belgium for the waffles you will not be disappointed.

However, there’s much more to Belgium than just the waffles.

On my initial waffle hunt, I made my way to the main square and watched an incredible sunset over the immaculate buildings in the main square.

It was 8:30 on a weekday night and people were sitting on the square, some dancing to music or drinking beers. The laidback European lifestyle is the epitome of why I loved travelling there.

In the morning, the square was filled with tour groups offering details about the surrounding buildings. We went down a side street away from the bustle and found cheaper waffles – right beside the famous “Pissing Man” statue.

Waffles in hand, we strolled the streets of Brussels and made our way to the square that hosts many of brussels museums. We opted not to go in these museums because the weather was very nice, instead we headed to a park. Other walking stops included the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula, the European Union buildings, and lastly settled into a pub.

Going to a pub in Belgium is a must, even just to see the interesting cups each beer comes in. There was one beer cup that looked like a horn, which came with its own wooden stand. Belgium had me wowed on the first day and fitting in all the sites was difficult.

Medieval Bruges

My favourite city in Belgium was actually not Brussels but a city we travelled to after, about an hour away, called Bruges. The entire old town of Bruges is a UNESCO world heritage site and it feels like you are walking through a museum.

The streets are accompanied by sets of canals, which can be toured by boat. We rented bikes and made our way down cobblestone streets to the park outside the old town with huge historic windmills. Bruges was constantly peaceful and welcoming.

The city is so safe that our AirBnB host recommended taking walks at night as it offers a different view of the city. Although it was sometimes overwhelmingly touristy, the city keeps its authentic feel by offering tourist sites, such as the art galleries, that feature local stories or people from Belgium.

Credit: pixabay

I underestimated Belgium because I knew nothing of it, besides the waffles. I think a lot of people follow suit and travel to Paris or London when they go to Europe, looking over amazing little villages like Bruges.

Your friends won’t recognize the Cathedral in Brussels like they recognize the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. For me, my only expectation was that Brussels would have great waffles. And it didn’t let me down.

But Belgium is more than waffles- it’s an amazing and relaxing place where any traveler will feel welcomed. The fact that I didn’t know about Brussels much made me not have expectations for it. When I went to the Arc de Triomphe, it was really cool but I knew what to expect from the countless photos I’d seen of it.

I think the best and only way to truly appreciate travel is to not have expectations about the places you go to…


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